Web Based Roll Shop Management System – RMSTrax Web

After spending decades working extensively within the steel industry, Automation Software & Engineering (AS&E) saw an opportunity to develop a web based Roll Shop Management System. This system enables Roll Shops to optimize operational efficiency by acquiring, analyzing, managing and displaying production data in an easily accessible manner. This system is RMSTrax Web.

RMSTrax Web is a full-featured web based management system that helps Roll Shops increase productivity and profitability. RMSTrax Web is designed to work within the Roll Shop’s existing operational processes and terminology, thereby minimizing the learning curve and accelerating the acceptance period. RMSTrax Web provides the tools and integration capabilities with grinders, process control computers, business and OSP systems to boost productivity and effectively manage and control costs within a modern Roll Shop.

RMSTrax Web is configurable to capture reconditioning, maintenance and usage records for all types of rolls, chocks, bearings and other components. Complete integration with existing process automation systems is an important step toward productivity optimization by eliminating manual data entries. Data captured from external interfaces (grinders, Level 2 communications, etc.) can be monitored and, if necessary, edited through RMSTrax Web interface logs.

Configurable operational screens from the main menu allow the user to obtain real time and historical information and take action regarding:

  • Roll and Chock Inventory Tracking
  • Roll and Chock Build Up
  • Roll and Chock Campaign History
  • Roll Grind Tracking and History
  • Recipe Management

RMSTrax Web provides “On Screen Notifications” whenever an action is taken within the system. A pop up notification message will appear on the screen of all users for a few seconds allowing them to click on the message to immediately receive updated information. Similar to social media, the notification icon will remain highlighted on the toolbar at the top of the page until the user clicks on it.

RMSTrax Web is fully RFID capable. Mounting RFID tags on rolls and chocks improves identification accuracy as inventory moves through the roll shop and into the mill. Handheld devices provide instant access to roll and chock inventory details by scanning a RFID tag.

RMSTrax Web incorporates customizable security features. These features  permit administrators to control data access and system functionality for each user by hiding or disabling specific screens or buttons.

RMSTrax Web custom reporting features provide historical and current views of the total Roll Shop operation. Report data are exportable to many formats (Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, etc.).  Standard reports include:

  • Financial analysis:
    • Cost of roll usage per ton rolled
    • Total reduction
    • Cost per millimeter of reduction
    • Scrapped roll report
  • Roll and chock campaign details:
    • Start and end date and time of campaign
    • Total tonnage
    • Kilometers rolled
  • Grind analysis reports:
    • Productivity per shift
    • Grinds by grinder and operator
    • OSP performance
    • Reduction analysis by grinder, operator, roll vendor, OSP
  • Inventory analysis:
    • Current status of all rolls and chocks
    • Desired minimum quantities by status, stand, roll type
    • Available inventory by diameter range groups for each stand
  • Supplier performance:
    • Compare performance by
      • Roll type
      • Total stock removed
      • Average reduction
      • Cost per grind
      • Tons rolled
      • Defects
      • Grinding wheels

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