Roll Management System designed for Outside Service Processors

As a spin-off of the RMStrax system, AS&E has developed a Roll Management System for Outside Service Processing roll shops. These shops receive dirty rolls from multiple customers, repair/grind/texture them, and then ship them back to their customers.

This version of the RMSTrax system traces rolls from multiple customers throughout the entire service process (receive/process/return). Processing speed is increased by using configurable recipes (sets of processing steps) that are applied to each of the customers’ roll types.

The system includes the following features:

  • Ability to trace rolls received from multiple customers
  • Manage recipes for each of the customers’ roll types
  • Track rolls through configurable processing steps (Lathe, Grind, EDT, Chrome, custom steps)
  • Configure validation requirements for a given processing step for specific roll types (minimum roughness, minimum plate thickness, etc.)
  • Generate shipping forms and labels for rolls being sent back to customers

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