What is IT/OT Integration?

Also known as IT/OT convergence, IT/OT integration can be something of a buzzword, providing a veneer of technological gleam to otherwise straightforward manufacturing improvement projects.

But, when implemented properly, IT/OT convergence is transformative, joining two traditionally separate practices to create true operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Identified in the mid-2000s by Gartner Inc., IT/OT integration melds the software, monitoring abilities and communication capabilities of information technology with the equipment and manufacturing demands of operational technology.

When well planned and implemented, IT/OT convergence offers a wide range of benefits, including improvements in:

  • Performance and production
  • Cross-organization decision making
  • Alignment of operational areas with overall business goals
  • Environmental and regulatory reporting and compliance

Cost reductions are another benefit of IT/OT integration, thanks to efficiency gains and optimization in:

  • Operational processes
  • Asset maintenance
  • Workforce management

Because integration projects can require sweeping changes, many organizations will identify an initial operation that would benefit the most from IT/OT convergence and begin there will full implementation.

Examples of effective, operation-specific IT/OT integration include:

  • Machine Visions Solution for Surface and Web Inspections
  • Continuous Casting Process Control and Instrumentation
  • Slag Pot Management Productivity Optimization

Because of the technical, operational and organizational challenges inherent in IT/OT integration, companies often call upon a specialist firm, like AS&E, to develop and implement their projects.

AS&E has the experience, expertise and insight to create the right solution to meet your operation’s needs. Contact us now to learn how.